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Nova Scotia's South Shore

Discover the South Shore, a region renowned for its captivating attractions and authentic maritime charm. This picturesque area holds a special place in Nova Scotia's heart, offering a range of unique experiences that embody the essence of the province.

Immerse yourself in the maritime legacy of the South Shore, which proudly boasts being the home of the legendary Bluenose and its successor, the Bluenose II, a beloved sailing ambassador for Nova Scotia. Marvel at this iconic racing schooner and explore it's storied history at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. Indulge in the beauty of the South Shore's UNESCO World Heritage Site—Lunenburg. Wander through the vibrant streets of Old Town Lunenburg, adorned with colorful waterfront buildings and narrow lanes. 

Embark on scenic adventures along the South Shore's pristine white sandy beaches or venture into the canopied forest trails, revealing awe-inspiring coastal vistas and over 40 picturesque lighthouses. Embrace the tranquility of solitude or satisfy your thirst for thrilling escapades—the South Shore promises an experience that will leave you fulfilled.

The South Shore invites you to uncover its treasures, embrace its maritime spirit, and create lasting memories that embody the very essence of this remarkable province.